​Our Programs
​​Little Kicker TaeKwonDo Program

Our Little Kicker program is a specialized program designed for ages 3.5-6 years old. In this program we teach stranger-danger tactics, early responsibility, beginner pre-K skills and more, along with martial arts. 
​​Youth TaeKwonDo
Our youth program provides training to ages 7-14 on and off the mats. During class you will learn martial art skills along with ​traits that will carry into academic and home settings. During this program students will learn forms, kicks/punches/blocks, as well as practice sparring in a safe, controlled environment.
​​Adult TaeKwonDo
​​Our adult program is for all students ages 15+. This developed program consists of a more mature martial art for teens and adults with pressure points, speciality forms, sparring, and more time per class.
​​Extreme Performance
​​Our XP program is for our current, advanced students. This program enriches the martial artist's skills with weapons and trick training. Class is by invitation only!