​​​​​About Our Classes

​All of our classes are based on the traditional -style of TaeKwonDo, with a modern fitness spin. During each of our classes you will learn self-defense tactics while learning traditional TaeKwonDo forms, kicks, and punches. You WILL gain confidence and coordination throughout your martial arts journey, as well as displaying our TaeKwonDo tennets in your daily life.
​As a new TaeKwonDo student, you will begin as a white belt and will train several years before earning your black belt. As your training progresses, you will be able to attend our formal testing events where you will test for your next belt. Formal testings are held by Mr. Johnson, the Chief Instructor, as well as his trained instructor staff. With consistent training and perseverance, you will become a black belt before you know it.
​Owner & Chief Instructor, Mr. Brannon Johnson